The company

As we have decades of experience in vessel construction, we possess a lot of know-how. As a result, we are able to propose the most appropriate solution for each specific application.

Although the fabrication of storage tanks is an important part of our production, we are most specialized in process vessels, where we can use the benefits of our experience even more.

The combination of experienced workers with modern design- and production facilities, guarantee a final product of good quality.

our products

Our clients

Most of the vessels we make, are used in the chemical industry. A lot of the well known chemical plants in Belgium are clients. We can submit a reference list on request. These customers often use special grades, such as high-nickel alloys. Besides the pure chemical industry, we also provide tanks to manufacturers of soap, lubricants, surfactants, paint, silicones, …

An important part of our production is meant for the food industry, where we supply, amongst others items, tanks for storage and processing of vegetable oils and fats, chocolate, snacks, …

Of course, this summary is not exhaustive. Please let us know the nature of your application. We will surely have come across a similar application in the past.