Materials of construction

We only produce stainless steel tanks. Here, the classic qualities such as 304L and 316L are very common. Also the titanium stabilized blends 1.4541 and 1.4571 are often used.

For heavier chemical attack, a blend with higher nickel content is used, such as 904L, 254SMO, or even Hastelloy C276, C22 or C2000.

In some cases, the use of duplex stainless steel is an interesting compromise for making a tank. (quality  2205 or SAF 2507). These blends offer a high resistance to pitting corrosion for a relatively low price. Therefore, these blends are often used for off-shore applications.

For some particular applications, we use clad material. In this case, a stainless steel plate and a carbon steel plate are bonded by means of explosion cladding.

Since 2018, we decided to stop manufacturing tanks in carbon steel, and to specialise in tanks in stainless steel. Doing so, we avoid any possible contamination of carbon steel on stainless steel tanks