Our scope is not necessarily restricted to merely the manufacturing of a tank or vessel. We can also provide instrumentation like level measurement, bottom valves, level switches, pressure relief valves, … We can surely advise the most appropriate solution for your application.

For reactors and stirring kettles, we very often include the agitator itself in our scope. We have a good relationship with some renowned agitator manufacturers. This leads to a seamless matching of tank and agitator. We can mount the agitators (and steady bearing if applicable) in our workshop, vertically if required.

Frequently, tanks are insulated in our workshop, before being loaded onto a truck. This can save scaffolding costs, which are no longer incurred after erection of the tank on site. Also the electrical tracing can be applied prior to insulation.

Ladders, railings or platforms can also be made in our workshop. This is possible in stainless steel, aluminum, or painted or galvanized steel. Everything is pre-mounted in our workshop, in order to avoid surprises during mounting on site.

Finally, we can also organize the unloading, placing and anchorage of the tanks.